Vipassana-Veranstaltungen - Vipassana-Meditation, wie gelehrt von S.N. Goenka in der Tradition von Sayagyi U Ba Khin

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“Frieden in der Welt
 kann nicht erreicht
 werden, solange in
 den Menschen kein
  Frieden herrscht.”

  - S.N. Goenka



Introduction (short) A short video (2 min) about the observation of breath and bodily sensations in Vipassana Meditation can be viewed with the free Quicktime movie player.
Introduction "A Simple Path"
Interview with S.N. Goenka: This video gives an introduction to Vipassana Meditation technique. (19 min)
U.N. Peace Summit
at United Nations, New York, Aug 2000
“Universal Spirituality for Peace”
S.N. Goenka lectures about world peace and the role of religion. It was addressed to religious leaders from all over the world, that participated in the “Millenium World Peace Summit”.
Real Video Format. (15 min)
WEF (World Economic Forum) Interview with S.N. Goenka at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 2000.
Real Video Format. (15 min)
Vipassana in Prisons “The Dhamma Brothers”, view the trailer of the documentary film about the first Vipassana Meditation course held inside the highest level maximum-security state prison in Alabama, USA, 2002 (2 min)


  • Radio Interview with Dr. Paul Fleischman regarding Vipassana Meditation. Recorded by UMFM in Febuary 2003 on the "Natural Health Show" with Dr. Sims and Dr. Shreader. (30 min)


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