Meditation Now: Inner Peace through Inner Wisdom (S.N. Goenka North American Tour 2002)
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Tour Organizers and Volunteers

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You are about to access the section of the website that contains information and materials for those who are involved in organizing tour events or those old students of Vipassana who would like to volunteer to help. To access it requires the same user name and password that applies on old student section.

If you have completed a ten-day course with Mr. Goenka or any of his assistants and you do not know the password, you may still volunteer to help by:

barrow.gif  Contacting the local tour organizers for your area listed on the page accessible from  the Itinerary page.

barrow.gif  Emailing [email protected] for information about local organizers.

barrow.gif  Calling the Meditation Now information office at (206) 524-2978.

Enter tour organizers and volunteers section here.