Meditation Now: Inner Peace through Inner Wisdom (S.N. Goenka North American Tour 2002)
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Public Talks by S. N. Goenka


Addressing the participants of the Millennium World Peace Summit

S.N.Goenka's address at Millennium Peace Summit

Public talks are an opportunity in which Mr. Goenka explains about Vipassana meditation. Below are the list of public talk events in different cities throughout North America. These events are free and all are welcome. No registration is required.

Archive of public talks.

Atlanta May 15
Houston, TX May 17
Dallas, TX May 19
Westminster, CO May 24
San Diego, CA May 30
Los Angeles, CA June 1
Fresno, CA June 4
Cupertino, CA June 7
Berkeley, CA June 8
Santa Rosa, CA June 10
Fort Braggs, CA June 12
Ashland, OR June 15
Portland, OR June 18
Olympia, WA June 19
Town Hall, Seattle, WA June 21
Vancouver, BC June 24, June 25
Victoria, BC June 26
Burnaby, BC June 23
Calgary, AB July 3
Edmonton, AB July 4, July 5
Missoula, MT July 8
St. Paul, MN July 12
Chicago, IL July 14
Madison, WI July 17
Toronto, ON July 21
Ottawa, Canada July 24
Montreal, QC July 26
Boston, MA   July 31
Northampton, MA Aug 4
New York City Aug 5