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Press / Media Kit
for visit of Paul Fleischman to Europe & Israel
(May 2006)

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“Peace in the world
 cannot be achieved
 unless there is
 peace within

  - S.N. Goenka


Download Press Release (PDF)
S. N. Goenka will conduct a nearly four month tour of North America, April to August, 2002.

Press Release
S. N. Goenka will visit Europe covering the United Kingdom from April 10 to April 18 and Belgium from Aug 8 to  August 15.

Biography of S. N. Goenka (PDF)

About Vipassana Meditation (PDF)

Background of Vipassana
Download Background of Vipassana (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions about Vipassana
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Selected Prior Press Coverage of S.N. Goenka
and Vipassana Meditation

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Download  Media Kit
Download the zip file of PDF documents that includes press releases, Vipassana backgrounder, tour itinerary, public talk schedule, etc. You can download the PDF documents selectively from the list above.

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