Vipassana Activites - Méditation Vipassana telle que l'enseigne S.N. Goenka dans la tradition de Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

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“Aucune paix dans
 le monde ne sera
 atteinte à moins
 que chacun ne la
 réalise en lui-même.”

  - S.N. Goenka

WEF (World Economic Forum)
Davos, Jan. 2000
"What is Happiness?
Is this all there is?"

S.N. Goenka explained the meaning and different aspects of happiness at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 2000.

The Essence of Religion
Remarks from S.N. Goenka given at the WEF about how the practice of a tradition can transcend dogma and manifest the essence of religion.
U.N. Peace Summit
at United Nations, New York, Aug 2000
Universal Spirituality for Peace
S.N. Goenka lectures about world peace and the role of religion. It was addressed to religious leaders from all over the world, that participated in the “Millenium World Peace Summit”.
Winter 2000
An interview with S.N. Goenka on the techniques of Buddhist Practice
S.N. Goenka was interviewed by Helen Tworkov.
Shambala Sun Online
Sep 2001
A Serious Operation on the Mind
David Swick on the ups and downs and ups of his first Goenka vipassana meditation course.
The New York Times
Sep 2007
Staring at Death, and Finding their Bliss
Article about the Vipassana Meditation courses held inside the highest level maximum-security state prison in Alabama, US.
San Francisco Weekly
Feb 2001
Transcendental Incarceration
The first San Bruno Jail inmates to take part in an experimental meditation program say it has helped to free their minds, if nothing else.

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